Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Asus WL500g Premium controller now on Windows

Today I worked on my WL500gPControl project, and already forced it to work on Windows. The most difficult parts were to set up the MinGW and build curl under it. To be honest, I ended up with precompiled curl library from Sigbjorn Finne.

To let others avoid these hardships, I prepared the binary version of WL500gPControl. You'll only have to unpack it on some directory, put the credentials file into the default placement and use it :). The binary version is here

Also I have added README file, where I described how to use this tool, so you shouldn't have any troubles with it.

If you are updating from previous version note that placement of the default file has been changed. For Unix users it is


and for Windows:

C:\Documents And Settings\user\Application Data\WL500gPControl\credentials

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