Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hs-ffmpeg now works from the box

hs-ffmpeg status.

Recently I have changed the way how hs-ffmpeg. Now the package finds libraries locations by itself.

So, if you have developer libraries for libavcodec, libavformat, libavutil and libswscale installed, you could simply put:

cabal update
cabal install hs-ffmpeg

And this will install ffmpeg bindings to your machine. (If don't, please, drop me issue in bug tracker).

Shortly, I've used autoconf to find ffmpeg libraries and its dependencies, and also added support for 0.51.0 versions of ffmpeg. I found that binary packages from my Ubuntu uses this version of library. Anyway, latest SVN versions of ffmpeg should also work.

ffmpeg-tutorials status

Another I found, that SDL bindings were updated to 0.5.6 version, and began conflict with my audio patch. So I created new audio patch for SDL-0.5.6. To apply it, just simply run following commands in the SDL-0.5.6 directory:

wget "http://hs-ffmpeg.googlecode.com/files/SDL-0.5.6-audio.patch"

patch -p1 < SDL-0.5.6-audio.patch

To do

  • I think to slightly rewrite the code with buffers and use ByteString instead. Don't know is it a good idea.

  • I continue working on tutorials, next step is to implement tutorial 04.

  • Also I want to make more functional approach to the video processing, i.e. represent the sequence of packets as list, or use Arrows to represent the decoding process.

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